Eyeliner review


About 2-3 weeks ago I ordered this liquid eyeliner from eBay and today I got it.
So far I'm not really sure if I like it or not. It was not what I expected to be honest. BUT for the ridicolous cheap price I guess it was worth the money,

I don't really know the name of this eyliner, but on eBay its called "lollipop liquid eyeliner"

+ Even tho I expected the color to be more white and not sheer and shimmery - its really pretty. I might not use it as an eyeliner, but when you blend it out it looks cool,

+ The price, $0.99

+ There are more colors to order. Black, blue, green, purple, brown.

+ It doesn't smell anything,

- It dries reallt quick, so its a bit hard to apply.

- The applicator is too thick, would've been easier to apply with a thin applicator.

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